Frequently Asked Questions

Are biodiesel or bioheat more expensive?
NO. It’s the same or less in most cases.

Do I need special equipment?
NO. Biodiesel blends will work the same as regular diesel/#2 in unmodified equipment.

How will biodiesel affect my fuel efficiency?
Biodiesel blends have almost exactly the same fuel efficiency as petro-diesel. You will not notice a difference.

If I switch my building to TSB Bio-heating oil will I still get boiler service?
TSB can provide you with professional reliable boiler service or you can keep your old boiler service.

Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines

Biodiesel Material Safety Data Sheet

Biodiesel Sales

Fleet managers – Building Owners – TSB will deliver biodiesel directly to you – helping you go green and save money!

The CTB Advantage

    Works in any diesel equipment without modification
    Equipment will perform exactly as it would with diesel fuel but with highly reduced toxic emissions
    Year round, 24-hour boiler service available to all BioHeat customers
    Guaranteed to meet speculations
    Rigorously monitored and tested to assure quality
    Safer handling - biodegradable and high flash point
    B20 blends approved for most equipment
    Same price or less than petroleum
    20’/gallon rebate for BioHeat - could save you thousands on your annual heating bills
    Vertical integration and local supply gives CTB the edge
    Direct fleet fueling gives you wholesale price and saves time
    Compared to petroleum diesel, our biodiesel...
    Reduces climate changing CO2 emissions by 80%
    Reduces lung disease-causing pollutants by 50-100%
    Provides over 5 times the energy expended to create it
    Is made from a waste product produced at local restaurants

At Connecticut BioFuels we put great effort and emphasis on maintaining our business relationships. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a fuel distributor, or a biodiesel consumer, you can count on Connecticut BioFuels to be clear, reliable, consistent and professional.

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