Our mission

Connecticut BioFuels aims to partner with local restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, academic institutions and other groups to collect their waste oil to produce an alternative fuel to petro-based diesel. We also seek partnerships with local farmers and farming cooperatives to grow oil-seed producing plants and trees.

We aim to decrease our country's dependence on foreign oil with our domestically-produced alternative fuel. We believe that a stable supply of biodiesel is vital to our country's national well-being.

We are dedicated to do our part to clean up the environment and the make the air safer for its inhabitants. Connecticut BioFuels is joining the effort to mitigate the need to explore national treasures such as the Outer Shelf waterways and the Alaskan Nature preserves for petroleum by producing a green viable alternative.

We also aim to create local jobs to stimulate economies in the state of CT and add to a local tax base. We strive to fulfill state-wide initiatives for alternative fuel consumption for municipal fleets and other governmental entities.

We encourage the administrators of school-bus fleets and other academic facilities to consume biodiesel in order that our children don't have to breathe in current amounts of noxious gases and toxins.

By recycling waste vegetable oils, we are preventing the unnecessary cost and expansion of landfills.